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Energy Audits & Assessments In Glasgow & Across Scotland.

Reduce Commercial Electricity Consumption To Save Money
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Helping business reduce electricity consumption

Energy assessments & audits: reduce commercial electricity use, bills & carbon footprints.

With the rising costs of electricity, most businesses in Glasgow & across Scotland are looking for ways to reduce their electricity consumption. This also helps with reducing the carbon footprint.

The starting point is always to understand how your business is using electricity. Usually, the majority of electricity is used for lighting, heating & running machinery.

Our energy audits will show you the breakdown of your consumption & also allow us to show how this could be reduced. We will also be able to predict the reduction in your bills & carbon footprint.


Energy Assessments & Audits

Firstly, we’ll help understand how your business uses energy. This information helps us create a plan to reduce it & save money.


Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting can reduce consumption by up to 60%. When smart controls are added, the reduction becomes even greater.



There are lots of options for reducing the energy used on heating different workspaces without affecting the comfort of staff.



If there are any opportunities for reducing the electricity consumed by your machiner, this will be included in our report.

How does this work?

Energy Assessment Process

The process for carrying out an energy assessment in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland is very straightforward. This is how it works…


Initial Meeting

This gives the us chance to discuss you’re hoping to achieve & allows us to survey your property. A visual survey will allow us to produce a report & forecast on potential reductions. There is no cost for this.


Install Equipment

If a more in-depth analysis of electrical consumption is required, or for larger premises, we may recommend the installation of recording equipment. We can set this up to measure your consumption for 7, 14 or 28 days.


Analyse Results

If we have installed equipment, we will then download the results & analyse the data. This will form the basis for our report & recommendations.


Report & Recommendation

We report on your electrical consumption & make appropriate recommendations. This includes predicted savings in costs & carbon footprint.

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Lighting: how to reduce use, costs & carbon footprint

According to the Department of Climate & Energy Change, lighting can account for up to 40% of a building’s electricity use.

We have years of experience in helping businesses develop energy-efficient lighting in their offices, warehouses, surgeries & any other commercial premises you can think of.

After carrying out an energy audit, we will make the most appropriate recommendations for your business. Keep reading for more information on some of the options we would consider.

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Upgrading to LED lights.

Simply changing from traditional incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, son or metal halide lights to LED will have a massive effect on your energy consumption. Why is this?

  • Energy consumption is reduced by up to 60%, due to improved efficiency. Smart controls will help achieve even bigger reductions.
  • Due to the improved brightness of LEDs, you may even be able to reduce the number of lamps in operation.
  • longer life spans of bulbs e.g. LED bulb will burn for approx 50k hours, whereas an equivalent son will last only 18k hours.
  • LED lights come on instantly. It can take older lamps up to 30 mins to reach full brightness, so businesses turn them on in advance of staff arriving. That’s 30 mins of power wasted every day!
  • reduced maintenance
  • more environmentally friendly

It is relatively easy for us to forecast how upgrading to LEDs will reduce electricity consumption, bills & carbon footprint. Just contact us to arrange a free initial survey.

Smart Lighting Controls

Once LED lights have been installed, using smart technology can help reduce electricity use even further. Whether you run an office, warehouse, retail or hospitality venue the secret is to ensure lights are only running at full capacity if the area is being used.

  • PIR occupancy & motion sensors will turn lights on when movement has been detected. Why light a whole area, if only part of it is being used?
  • Adding in a photocell adjusts the level of lamp brightness according to the level of daylight i.e. as an office gets daylight, less light is required from the lamps. As daylight decreases, lamp brightness increases.
  • Power consumed by outside security lighting can also be reduced by combining timers on clocks with photocells.
  • Areas that do not have a lot of traffic (e.g. corridors) can be set with a lower level of light, but come up to full brightness when being used.
  • Motion sensors or timers in bathrooms or other common areas can also ensure that lights are not left running all day.
  • Setting up more switches for zoned lighting can also help ensure only areas being used are getting illuminated.

If you’d like to discuss reducing your electric use & carbon footprint, please just contact us for an initial conversation.

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Heating: efficient heating will reduce your bills.

According to the Department of Climate & Energy Change, heating costs increase by 8% for every 1°C increase. It’s important for staff to feel comfortable at work & we can help identify measures that can reduce energy use while maintaining a pleasant working environment.

The energy audit will help us identify exactly how much energy is going towards heating your workspace. We can then make recommendations on how this can be reduced, along with the reductions in your bills & carbon footprint.

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Efficient heating ideas

Simply changing from traditional incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, son or metal halide lights to LED will have a massive effect on your energy consumption. Why is this?

  • Relocate thermostats to areas that aren’t affected by local heating or cooling from radiators, draughts or direct sunlight.
  • Upgrade to modern electronic thermostats which are much more accurate. These thermostats can be wireless, making fitting easy.
  • Control heating with timers to ensure it is only running when you need it.
  • Infrared or ceramic wall heaters provide instant heat…but only when someone is in range.
  • Heat always rises, so returning hot air to where people are working can reduce energy use & costs. De-stratification fans on the ceiling can achieve this.
  • For larger halls or communal areas that are used infrequently, a boost button can be used for a quick blast of extra heat.
  • reduced maintenance
  • more environmentally friendly

It is relatively easy for us to forecast how upgrading to LEDs will reduce electricity consumption, bills & carbon footprint. Just contact us to arrange a free initial survey.

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Energy Assessments: Areas We Cover

Covering Glasgow & Central Scotland

We cover all of the major cities & towns of the Central belt of Scotland, including:

  • Glasgow City Centre, West End & South Side
  • Clydebank, Helensburgh & Dumbarton
  • Paisley & East Renfrewshire
  • East Kilbride, Hamilton, Motherwell, Bellshill, Airdrie & Coatbridge
  • Cumbernauld, Falkirk & Stirling
  • Edinburgh, Leith, Musselburgh
  • East Lothian
  • Dalkeith, Bonnyrigg & Penicuik
  • Bathgate & Livingston
  • West Lothian
  • Ayr, Kilmarnock, Irvine, Prestwick & Largs
Energy Assessments & Audits Scotland

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