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Football LED Floodlights

Football Lighting: LED Floodlight Design, Installation & Repair

Floodlighting of football pitches is really important. We understand that the right lighting allows your pitches to be used more frequently for matches & training. As most recreational football takes place after work, it may allow you to support more players & teams. There may even be the opportunity to increase revenue by allowing other activities to take place at your ground.

Working with leading lighting engineers, we can design & install efficient & flexible lighting schemes that allow teams to use your facilities throughout the year & meet the requirements of the SFA. We are able to work with grounds that need lighting for televised matches & occasional lighting for community clubs, universities & schools etc.

Our services include upgrading traditional metal halide floodlights to LEDs & integrating smart controls. Finally, when lights stop working, our floodlight repair service can ensure play goes on.


Football Lighting Design

We can design energy-efficient & affordable LED lighting systems, to allow the use of your football ground throughout the year.


Football Floodlight Installation

Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your new floodlights are installed with the minimum of disruption.


LED Floodlight Upgrades

Upgrading to LED floodlights can reduce consumption by up to 60%. When smart controls are added, the reduction becomes even greater.


Floodlight Maintenance

We are able to help with all kinds of maintenance, from re-lamping to electrical failure & repairing damage from vandalism.

Football LED Floodlights

Contact us to discuss a new design & installation, upgrade or repair.

Football Lighting Design

Our lighting designers are will utilise the latest luminaire technology to provide efficient, high-quality lighting for all types of football grounds.

The required lighting levels for football pitches are set out by the SFA – see below. Whether you’re aiming to install a system that allows for televised matches or just for training on a Wednesday night, we will create a design that meets all your goals. We are also aware of budgets. This means our aim is to always work with you to design a football lighting system that ticks all your boxes, including costs.

    Football Floodlight Design Glasgow - AFS Electrical Services
    SFA Regulations

    Required Lighting Levels

    These lighting levels come from the Scottish Football Association’s Club Licensing Manual (page 29).


    5.7 Floodlights
    Refers to the provision of floodlights together with the appropriate lighting levels or lux level.


    Clubs are required to have a floodlight system at the ground.

    The following minimum levels apply:
    Average – 800 lux
    Min/Max – 0.4

    In the case of a Platinum Award, the floodlighting lux level is required to be:
    Average – 1200 lux
    Min/Max – 0.45

    Furthermore to meet the Platinum standard the club will be able to provide a backup power supply which will provide two-thirds of normal power.


    Clubs are required to have a floodlight system at the ground.

    The following minimum levels apply:
    Average – 500 lux
    Min/Max – 0.3


    Clubs are required to have a floodlight system at the ground.

    The following minimum levels apply:
    Average – 300 lux
    Min/Max – 0.25


    Clubs are required to have a floodlight system at the ground. It is recommended that the following minimum levels apply:
    Average – 200 lux
    Min/Max – 0.25

    Clubs must be able to evidence that matches have been played under the floodlights, to the satisfaction of match officials, within the last year.

    Where a relevant body or league raises concerns regarding the suitability of a floodlight system, it will be a matter for the Licensing Committee to determine whether the system meets the terms of the Entry-level criteria.


    Football Floodlight Installation

    Our installation teams are very experienced when it comes to the installation of football floodlights. Always, our aim is to install the new system with the minimum disruption & ensure everything is working perfectly. We’ll make sure that you understand how to use the smart controls, issue all the relevant certificates & will always be on hand if further support is required.

      Football Floodlight Upgrades

      If your football ground is still using metal halide floodlights, it worth considering upgrading to LEDs. Here are some of the reasons why:

      • improved light quality
      • reduced energy consumption & costs (by up to 70%)
      • longer lifespan for lamps
      • lower maintenance costs & intervals
      • environmentally friendly (lower carbon footprint)

      If your football club or team is considering improvements to the floodlights, we can discuss your objectives before carrying out a free survey & quotation. We can offer smart solutions to maximise efficiency & calculate your savings in terms of units, cost & carbon footprint.


      Football Floodlight Maintenance

      If your football ground has any kind of fault with the floodlights, we have can help play go on.

      Issues we can help with include:

      • lamp replacement
      • re-aligning / aiming floodlights
      • fault-finding
      • electrical failure
      • water damage
      • vandalism
      • electrical testing & inspection (EICR)
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      Football Lighting: Areas We Cover

      We cover Glasgow, Edinburgh & Across Scotland

      • Glasgow
      • Edinburgh
      • East Lothian & West Lothian
      • Ayrshire
      • North Lanarkshire & South Lanarkshire
      • Stirling
      • Perth
      • Dundee
      • Aberdeen
      • Highlands & Islands
      Sports Lighting Design Glasgow - AFS Electrical Services

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